Smile Bunch at Snug Harbor

Smile Bunch at Snug Harbor
Posted on 12/04/2023
Students work on cards to be sent in the mail to senior citizens.

Mrs. Karen Conneely, a Special Education teacher at Snug Harbor, spends her summers delivering Meals on Wheels to Quincy Senior Citizens. Inspired by her experience, Mrs. Conneely began an after-school club at Snug called “Smile Bunch.” The Club’s mission is beautifully simple: to spread happiness and joy to seniors.

Smile Bunch has attracted a group of third, fourth, and fifth graders who meet twice a month to make birthday cards and send positive messages and wishes to elderly people not just locally, but around the world. In the first month of Smile Bunch, the club sent out 60 cards, each carrying smiles and heartfelt messages!

As we celebrate the success of the first month, we look forward to the continued growth of Smile Bunch and the smiles it will bring to both young and old faces alike!