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Snug Harbor Elementary School

Welcome to Snug Harbor!

The Snug Harbor Community School is located in the Germantown section of Quincy, Massachusetts. Snug Harbor houses students from pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. A true community school, Snug Harbor is a vibrant culturally and ethnically diverse community. This diversity provides endless authentic learning opportunities for our students as we go to great lengths to celebrate our diversity. However, we certainly do not stop there. At Snug Harbor, we believe that each student's uniqueness should not only be celebrated but recognized in the classroom and as a school. Whether it is Citizen of the month, Terrific Kids, or our Principal's Seal of approval, these school-wide programs are intended to celebrate our students and encourage other students to be the best they can be.

Snug Harbor is a school-wide Title I School designated by the Federal Title I program in 1989. This designation requires the development of a written school-wide plan for improvement each school year. Our plan calls for meaningful cooperation between our special education, regular education and Title I staff to better meet the academic needs of our students. Our school-wide plan emphasizes the mission of the Quincy Public Schools which is to educate students to become self-fulfilling individuals, good citizens, and competent workers. We do this through the implementation of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, but also by supplementing the curriculum with programs such as Second Step (conflict resolution), D.A.R.E. (drug and alcohol abuse prevention), and Kids and Company (child assault prevention).

The Snug Harbor Community School provides high quality instruction in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, art, music and instrumental band. We have a full range of services in special education, guidance, speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Through our 21st Century Grant we are able to offer numerous extracurricular programs as well. These programs are offered before and after school and offer our students access to programs such as Soccer, Floor Hockey, Basketball, Lego Robotics, Super Sports, Smart Snacks, Family Library Hour, and more. Our fourth- and fifth-grade students can participate in our student government through our Student Council.

In 1994, Snug Harbor was recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education. The Blue Ribbon program honors the nation's best schools for demonstrating excellence in leadership, teaching, curriculum, student achievement, and parental involvement. We are proud of this designation but are committed to continued excellence and improvement. We do this through setting high expectations and standards, creating a positive atmosphere for learning, and parental and community involvement.

Message from the Principal of Snug Harbor:

At Snug Harbor, we are committed to educating the whole child. It is imperative that our students receive high-quality instruction, rigorous academic standards, and individualized instruction to meet the academic needs of a diverse population. But, it is equally important that we cultivate and develop within our students the moral and ethical values which will enable them to be successful members of a democratic society and an integral part of the Snug Harbor Community. It is in a culture of acceptance, tolerance, respect, and compassion that we impress upon our students the importance of academic achievement, creativity, problem-solving, and to be constantly striving toward excellence in all endeavors. It is our mission to provide a balanced education in which we meet the academic and personal needs of all of our students.

Principal: Scott Perfetuo, 617-984-8763

Assistant Principal: Diane Babcock, 617-984-8763

At the Snug Harbor Community School, we recognize that great learning can take place outside the classroom. Teamwork can be learned on the soccer field. Computers can create art. Photography can spark interest in science.

We offer a number of extracurricular activities as well. Students are given the opportunity to participate in sports such as soccer, floor hockey, and early bird basketball. Students may also take part in before- and after-school enrichment activities such as ELL Club, Lego Robotics, Podcasters, Destination Innovation, and many more. Our fourth- and fifth-graders may participate in student government via the elected Student Council. Programs vary, depending on students needs and interest, grants received, and facility availability. Quincy Public Schools also has a comprehensive list of programs available for all elementary students.